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Boris Bastien

Boris Bastien


Boris Bastien joined Enovix as vice president of operations in June 2021. He is responsible for setting up profitable and scalable mass volume production of the Enovix 3D Silicon Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery.

Prior to joining Enovix, Boris spent seven years at SunPower focused on the large-scale manufacturing of its record-breaking solar technology. He led the startup of Fab4 (Philippines) and ramped it beyond the entitlement output, yield, cost, and quality targets within two years. This was followed by a role in Silicon Valley as Chief Engineer where he oversaw the development of a lower cost version of the existing technology. In the past three years he was the general manager of Fab4 where he further fostered and leveraged the company culture to continuously push OEE, yield, cost and efficiency improvements while also covering companywide cost reduction and expansion efforts.

Prior to joining SunPower, Boris spent 17 years at ON Semiconductor and predecessor companies. He held various engineering and management roles, specializing in transferring fab technologies and test operations. In 2010 he relocated from Belgium to the Philippines where he shifted his focus to general management of high-volume production sites supplying to the automotive industry.

Boris earned a Master’s Degree in Physics at the University of Ghent, Belgium and completed several general management courses at the Vlerick Business school in Ghent.