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Jerald Hallmark

Jerald Hallmark

Sr. Director, Applications Engineering

Jerald (Jerry) Hallmark has been senior director of applications engineering since joining Enovix in 2017. He leads the applications engineering team to define, develop, and commercialize our 3D Silicon Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery.

Jerry is an energy technologies expert with a track record of discovering and commercializing many battery technologies for mobile devices. Before joining Enovix, Jerry worked at Motorola where he sourced, tested, qualified, and commercialized mobile products with over 25 different custom lithium-ion cells. This includes batteries for the RAZR (world’s thinnest smartphone), Moto X (first stepped cell), numerous Droids, and Moto Z (world’s fastest charging when launched). At introduction, many of the cells featured the highest energy density available in high-volume commercial production.

Jerry also led research and development efforts in supercapacitors, fuel cells, thermoelectrics, ferroelectrics, and numerous semiconductor materials technologies. In addition, he led the Motorola power management team, and he has strong application knowledge in low-power design of consumer electronic products. He also served as President of the US Fuel Cell Council.

Jerry earned an M.S. degree in electrical engineering (solid state devices) from Arizona State University and a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Florida. He holds 33 patents and has given numerous presentations at industry conferences.