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Ralph Schmitt

Ralph Schmitt

Chief Commercial Officer

Ralph Schmitt has served as chief commercial officer since February 2023. He previously served as senior vice president of sales and business development since joining Enovix in early 2021. Ralph’s commercial team is responsible for customer acquisition and retention, revenue generation, strategic partnerships, new product introduction, marketing, corporate communications, and government affairs.

Before joining Enovix, Ralph was CEO of multiple public technology companies. He led Sipex (NASDAQ: SIPX), a power management company, and combined it with Exar (NASDAQ:EXAR), an analog and mixed signal semiconductor provider. Ralph also led the turn around of PLX Technology (NASDAQ:PLXT) to become the leading switching provider for PCI Express and of OCZ Technology(NASDAQ:OCZ) to become the leading consumer SSD provider, which led to sales to Broadcom and Toshiba.

Ralph started his career as a designer of automated robotic manufacturing systems and intelligent storage systems. He migrated to customer applications engineering and ultimately business leadership where he initiated strategic account sales and, ultimately, leadership of the entire sales, marketing, and business development operations at Cypress Semiconductor (NASDAQ:CY), where he led the company to more than $1 billion in revenue.

Ralph holds a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from Rutgers University.